💥 The Shocking Truth: Why Makeup Talent Alone Won’t Cut It If You Want To Build A Booming Beauty Biz

If you’re serious about making your mark and crafting your artistry dreams into a living reality, mastering the business side of your beauty career is non-negotiable! Here’s why – Reason #1: Creative Alone Won’t Cut It Anymore 🎨 Having the talent to create stunning looks is certainly important, but in today’s competitive market, creativity alone […]

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Five Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar


How To Help Your Business Survive Lockdown


How to build a Makeup portfolio that brings you bookings


Are you struggling to get customers? Follow this formula…


As well as making the shift to working from home over the past 12 months, learning from home has also been on the rise. In fact, one online course provider reported that the number of people registering for their courses had risen by over 500%! Whether you are just looking to keep the boredom at […]

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A career in makeup is ever changing. There’s no telling what your future as a Makeup Artist could look like! No two people want the exact same look, and there are always new people to talk to. Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you combined your passion and your career? […]

What your future as a Makeup Artist could look like…

Career Development

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Many of our students find that, after leaving the in the classroom, the hardest part is working out what comes next! With the unpredictability of the pandemic still in the air – we want to help take away some of that extra worry surrounding life after your training. A great option for beauty fanatics could […]

How to Launch Your Beauty Business Successfully


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