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How to get more clients for your Beauty Business

March 22, 2021

Clients make up a huge part of the recipe to business success – but they don’t just appear overnight. Regardless of your skills, passion, or ability, clients are an absolute necessity for your career to thrive and reach new heights. Believe us when we say all the hurdles we’ve faced this year will help us […]

How to get more clients for your Beauty Business
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Clients make up a huge part of the recipe to business success – but they don’t just appear overnight. Regardless of your skills, passion, or ability, clients are an absolute necessity for your career to thrive and reach new heights.

Believe us when we say all the hurdles we’ve faced this year will help us to come out stronger. But the time to act is now! You CAN have a bigger and better 2021 with less stress and more success…

One of the biggest questions we get asked, is how do we get more clients for our business? So today we wanted to talk you through a few of our top tips to make sure your biz goes from overlooked to overbooked.

Have a good online presence to build brand awareness

Social media marketing really is the magic key that unlocks a new, client-filled world. More than ever, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are becoming a fundamental tool that can be the key to networking and building your business as a Makeup Artist. Instagram in particular is the ideal visual tool that can work as an online alternative to your portfolio and help to boost you forward in your career.

Creating shareable content can put your work in front of fresh sets of eyes. You can also boost your credibility as a brand through the work that you share, and can use the platforms to home your positive reviews and allow your talent to become clear to potential customers.

The best thing about using social media to shine is that most of these platforms are free of charge! So you can use them as part of your client strategy without even needing to carve out a specific advertising budget to make them happen.

Create a strong portfolio of work

In the beauty industry, your portfolio is your best friend. Whether it’s a website or Instagram, as a makeup artist or hairstylist, as a visual creative, your portfolio is your resume, and can act as your business card.  It’s generally the first impression your prospective clients will get of you and your business, and we all know that first impressions are so important!

Your portfolio is your biggest advert, as it shows clients exactly what service they’re investing in. Although it might not help you reach new people, it’ll certainly help them to stay when they do cross your path. Don’t overlook it’s importance!

Consider becoming a multi-service option

Adding a new skill to your bow has the potential to double your current client base. Combining makeup artistry with professional hairstyling makes you an even better candidate for clients looking for both services.

Considering an extra service will increase your marketability, help to make you more employable and give you a leading edge over others in your industry. All potential clients would much rather hire an individual who is multi‑talented and can provide more than one service.

Set measurable goals

Setting measurable goals will allow you to track and measure what’s doing well and where you are falling short. Make note of how many clients you would like to gain each month, and then track how many your business does attract.

If you need more advice, as well as our top tips on setting measurable goals, our eBook How To Go From Overlooked to Overbooked has key advice on how to pinpoint your dream client, as well as suggestions on organic messaging and our all-important framework for setting your goals.

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Consider joining our 3-day challenge: Clarity, Confidence and Clients!

If you begin to implement these tips, there’s NO reason why you can’t get more clients than ever in 2021.

But for an extra boost, you just need to follow the proven framework we share in our online 3-day challenge on Clarity, Confidence and CLIENTS!

Yes, that’s right! We now have a 3-day bootcamp designed to help YOU – MUA’s and female entrepreneurs ready to start & scale your biz! We are on a mission to help level up the industry this year – especially as we’ve all been hit so hard these past 12 months.

What do we cover?

Our first day of the bootcamp will be all about getting CLARITY. This will involved learning the key to helping you get aligned with your career. You will also learn how to distinguish between passion and reality – combining the two to get crystal clear on the things that matter most. Finally, we will assist in simplifying your approach to meeting and achieving your financial goals.

And that’s only day one!

Day 2 is all about building unshakeable CONFIDENCE. The only way to move forward is to understand the key things that really hold you back (and trust us when we say, it’s probably not what you think!). Secondly, we will also help you learn how energy effects your environment and results. I will be sharing my secret hack that I use to help me move past blocks (it’s powerful and it works!).

Finally, Day 3 is all about using these things to attract CLIENTS for your business. Learning how to boldly share your services is so important, and before long you’ll have clients seeking YOU out, rather than the other way around.

How does all that sound?

With daily videos and helpful tasks to complete – you’ve really got nothing to lose.

So, what comes next. Well, first you need to opt-in to the challenge by clicking here.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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