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How To Find Inspiration as a Makeup Artist

August 25, 2021

The beauty industry is one of the most creative industries to work in. Here’s how to stay up to date…

How To Find Inspiration as a Makeup Artist
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The beauty industry is one of the most creative industries to work in. With a constant influx of new trends, ideas and concepts constantly interchanging, creativity is an absolute necessity to your MUA success. This can make things particularly overwhelming if you’re struggling for ideas or are hit with creative block. Makeup Artistry always expands beyond just the makeup, and knowing how to find inspiration as a makeup artist in this world of modern trends and artistic styles can be hard. But we’re here to help! Today we want to share our top tips.

One thing we want to stress, is when you search for inspiration remember to stay true to yourself. Your style, taste, and skills have been and will continue to be the key to your success. They’re the reason why people love you and keep coming back! When you find inspiration, there is so much potential to make it your own.

Here are our top tips on how to find inspiration as a makeup artist…

Have an awareness of what’s out there

The best way to stop a creative block in it’s tracks, is by remaining aware of what’s up-and-coming in the industry. The more makeup content you consume, the easier it is to understand how you feel about it. This will then relay into your own work, and strengthen both your likes and dislikes when it comes to your personal style.

Open your eyes to other industries

Inspiration doesn’t have to be restricted to just looking at other makeup either. Watch films, visit art galleries, take the public bus! Inspiration is everywhere, not just on the internet or via other makeup artists. Visual material will in turn boost your inspiration and creativity, as well as provide a greater insight into modern day trends across different industries.

Curate your perfect feed

The beauty of social media can be found in its unlimited, free source of constant inspiration. Follow accounts that make you feel creative, who post content that catches your eye? You’ll be surprised how just scrolling endlessly can be more productive than you’d originally expect. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest – there are no limits to the inspiration you could find that could be useful with your own clients.

Creating your own board on Pinterest, or saved section on Instagram, will also provide you with a creative hub to refer back to. Whenever you see something you like, file it away so you can find it again when you need inspiration to strike.

When you find inspiration, ask yourself questions

What do I like about this? Why has the creator made these decisions? What was the influence behind this style? What would I change if I did this myself?

Questions like these will help you to form a greater understanding of your own style and will also help you distinguish between what materials are useful to you. You can then use your answers when it comes to developing your own work!

Join Facebook Groups or Online Forums

Networking with other people in your industry will not only help you keep up to date with what’s current, but will also give you people to bounce ideas off of. Through this, you can seek both ideas and feedback to ensure your work is fresh and up to standard. These groups work in both ways, meaning what you can offer in support and advice will often be returned.

We hope these suggestions will have provided you with some inspiration of where to find inspiration! The most important thing to remember when facing a creative block is not to panic. Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to go looking for it.

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