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Where are the classroom based courses held?

Our classroom based courses are held on campus at KLMA Makeup Academy, Bury, Manchester (BL96AD).

what are the payment terms?

-Full balance is due on or before course commencement

-All payments are non refundable please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

-Payl8r Finance available for all courses subject to eligibility

Do all klma pro courses include a kit?

If a kit is included in your course fee it will be clearly stated on the program outline page. If you are interested in taking one of our non professional courses and wish to purchase a kit additionally please ask for details.

What is included in the kit?

Our Kits are regularly updated as trend products and technologies are always changing. The items in each kit vary slightly depending on which course you choose but are made up of carefully selected hero products from leading industry brands. At KLMA we like to ensure the products you are working with are current and what we best feel you will benefit most from during your training. 

What do the lessons on the KLMA Professional courses entail?

KLMA’s professional courses are designed to set you up for success. They include a combination of both theory and practical based learning – enabling your skills to be transferable onto ANY client.

It is important when training to become a successful makeup artist that you understand the fundamentals of makeup in just as much importance as executing the skill set and get hands-on tutor support and feedback whilst doing so.

I don't have any experience, which pro course is right for me?

All of our Pro Courses listed above are suitable for those without prior experience and are designed to take you from beginner to professional.

The course best suited for you will be totally dependant on your goals.

Makeup Masterclass – Best if you want to learn how to do makeup like the professionals and are interested in party makeup styles

Pro Artistry – Best if you want to become a multi-faceted artist, be confident in all styles and are interested in including business knowledge/strategy to your repertoire

Artist Education Programme – Best if you are looking for one course that covers all bases for a successful Makeup career and skillset, including Business knowledge, growth mindset, marketing hacks and social media mastery.  

How many students are in each class?

At KLMA class sizes are kept small to maximize learning and build teacher-student bonds. We never have anymore than 10 students per class. This allows us to offer a much higher level of personal attention from artist to student. Our tutors pride themselves on being approachable and understanding, always there to help and support our students along the way.

What are the payment options for the Makeup Courses?

Standard payment terms are 50% deposit and the rest is due 14 days prior to course start date.

We can accept a minimum of £150 Deposit to hold your place with the 50% due within 4 weeks and full fee cleared 14 days prior.

Finance is available on all courses via Payl8r and we also offer 0% payment plans with ourselves if you want to pay the course off in installments before your start date.

Some students also choose to finance the course via credit card or personal loan – more information can be found on our blog post HERE 

How old do i have to be to enrol at KLMA Academy?

Students must be aged 16 or above to enrol on one of KLMA’s Pro certified courses.

However, applicants under 16 years old can complete one of our introductory or 121 sessions providing parental consent is given. Our student age range is varied, with our oldest graduate so far being 63 years young!

You are never to old to start a new dream

Do you accept International students?

Yes, we have students travelling from overseas on a regular basis, Ireland, Iran, Dubai, some as far as Bermuda!

We are honoured to be chosen as a training provider for all of them and can recommend local hotels and facilities near the academy campus for during your stay.

For international students it is required that you are fluent in English speaking and writing.

Will i be able to get work?

The simple answer is yes!
The makeup industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world but like anything it won’t come to your door.

The industry is ever growing and changeable meaning that as long as you put the work in there will always be opportunities for work.

WWhat kind of jobs can i get being a fully qualified Makeup artist?

Work opportunities as a professional makeup artist are endless.

In the UK alone the beauty industry contributes in excess of 30 billion to the economy and is growing every day.

Working freelance in the beauty sector, being salon based, retail cosmetics, fashion, bridal or media/entertainment industries are some of the most popular choices. Other pathways include theatrical productions, remedial camouflage and celebrity makeup artists.

How much can Makeup artists earn?

Wages vary according to responsibility, experience and sector.

Newly-qualified MUA’s in fashion and editorial will earn about £100 a day for assisting on a shoot, but may have to work for nothing when starting out. A senior make-up artist on an advertising shoot can earn £500 plus per day.

Top make-up artists can earn about £3,000 a day designing make-up for fashion shows. Agencies arrange such jobs but charge the artist up to 20% commission. Film work can pay from £500 to £800 a week. Theatrical work, which can range from face make-up to wig care, pays about the same depending on the job. Makeup artists focusing on clients can charge from £25 -60 per hour and bridal parties an extra surcharge. On average doing clients many makeup artists earn £300+ working a saturday alone.

MUA’s have the opportunity to hold multiple job posts at the same time if they wish and increase income furthermore.

What skills do you need to become a Makeup artist?

You will need…

-Passion for makeup
-Good work ethic
-Good communication and people skills
-An artistic flare
-Creativity and imagination
-Patience, perseverance, reliability and tact
-Excellent attention to detail
-The ability to work well under pressure
-Good time keeping

Is the Makeup Industry competitive?

Yes, and no! It depends on how you look at it. All careers have some level of competition, which is healthy as it makes you strive to succeed.

Many successful make-up artists work with others in a network. Helping each other by passing on jobs you can not do, sharing jobs and generally supporting each other.

Is it only Makeup courses that you offer?

No, KLMA also offers Pro hairstyling and Lash artistry courses which are perfect accompaniments to an artist’s skillset.

Additionally to this we have a range of business and marketing acceleration workshops to help take your career to the next level

Do you offer courses for people who don't want to become a Makeup artist?

Yes, we do! At KLMA we believe every woman should have the opportunity to learn to be her own makeup artist if she wants to.

It has been scientifically proven that knowing how to apply your own makeup in a professional way helps significantly improve confidence and self esteem - and if you didn't know already, we are all about empowering others!

Our learn your own face lessons are designed to instil you with makeup confidence, educating you on personal product choices, colours, teaching how to apply your makeup correctly to enhance your own individual features.

We have a face to face in house option for this or online tutorials if you're outside the UK or are not able to travel to the academy 

Do you offer top up courses for people who have already trained but want to update their skillset?

Yes, at KLMA we understand training is an ongoing requirement for a successful career.

We offer 121 training for artist refreshers and upskill workshops. We also hold salon training days for small businesses if you are a salon owner and want to invest in your team and improve your staff’s knowledge/skillset, Our Salon training programmes have been known to elevate company reputations, enhance staff bonds and in turn generate more profit.

How do i Enroll?

To enroll on a course at KLMA, you can either book direct via the website or contact us either via email or telephone 07891008505 | 01617685206.


You will need to complete the enrolment form and return to us signed along with your non-refundable deposit.