Going From Feeling Burnt Out to being Fully Booked

October 9, 2021

Going from feeling burnt out to being fully booked takes a little bit of commitment, but it’s so simple.

Going From Feeling Burnt Out to being Fully Booked
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I’m a Professional Makeup Artist, Educator & Serial Entrepreneur. I am Unapologetically ambitious and aim to pave the way for myself and other women to rise.
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Going from feeling burnt out to being fully booked takes a little bit of commitment, but it’s so simple.

It starts with how you start your day.

Everyday we wake up and we get a choice.

Some people choose to scroll mindlessly on instagram. Others choose to snooze their alarm a few times before they roll out of bed. Some choose to rush around like a maniac, creating chaos and arguing with their family before leaving.

Whatever it is that they’re doing, it’s a choice.

Bitter pill to swallow in some cases hey?

But what happens to those who choose to feel more power-ful rather than power-less They choose to create new morning habits that grow their business. They choose to practice getting up a little bit earlier. Others choose to have a morning routine that sets them up for a successful day. They choose to create huge success in 15 minutes or less. Small changes = Big results

And what results are they I hear you ask?

Well, Business success – AKA a sexy flow of client bookings. Increased productivity – AKA They get sh*t done. Increased energy AKA – They feel Magnetic. More clarity AKA – they know exactly what to do. More money in the bank – AKA more guilt-free *add to carts*. RESULTS – AKA feeling happy and abundant AF.

Listen, I’m a firm believer of what is meant for you will find you.

If you: – Are a Pro Mua or Own a beauty business.

And you, – Want to scale it bigger than you ever thought was possible. – Know you’re made for more than the life you’re living. AND -You’re reading this blog post. There’s a reason you’re here sis.

If you’re ready to learn how to;

  1. Get more clients consistently
  2. Become more confident in running your business
  3. Become more focused on exactly where your business is heading
  4. Expand your Income
  5. Master your Marketing, Mindset and Cashflow
  6. & Use the law of attraction for both attraction and strategic business development…

Glambitious is the programme for you!

If you’re struggling to navigate life as an MUA or business owner, at KLMA we have developed our very own online course for beauty-preneurs. Consider it a little helping hand on your journey to makeup success.

With top tips on magic marketing techniques that attract clients, budgeting information to keep your finances ticking over, and much more – we have everything you need to scale up your business.

To find out more, visit the Glambitious section of our website HERE. With limited spaces remaining, take a step in the direction of a bigger and better future.

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