6 Ways Makeup Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

May 5, 2021

Makeup can help you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside!

6 Ways Makeup Can Help Improve Your Mental Health
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More often than not, we view the beauty industry as an avenue to help us look great on the outside. Whether it plays a major part in your routine at the start of each day, or is integral to getting ready for a night out with friends – wearing makeup is always about how we look when we apply it. We’re beginning to understand the different ways that makeup can improve your mental health, also influencing how we feel on the inside.

Beauty and self-care are major players in helping many of us cope with the different struggles that life brings. As well as helping us to look amazing, makeup can improve your mental health by building body positivity.

There has been a lot of scientific research into how makeup can improve your mental health. The lipstick effect is a concept that has since been developed by Harvard Medical School. The lipstick effect describes how wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost. This occurs as makeup helps us to feel more physically attractive boosts our own feelings of self-esteem.

This positive spin on makeup comes when we use it to enhance our own natural beauty, rather than let it define beauty as a whole.

Here are 6 different ways in which makeup can improve your mental health…

1. Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Using makeup to enhance the aspects of our natural beauty that we like, can help to promote self-confidence and positivity. This helps makeup to improve your mental health as confidence translates into other aspects of you life. For example, feeling good about yourself can help you find motivation in your business, hobbies, or even your love life.

2. Have Control Over Your Own Appearance

Makeup has no real ground-rules! How you look can be entirely up to you. If you’re struggling with self-esteem issues, or are lacking in a sense of identity, makeup can be a great outlet to find the real you. Makeup can improve our mental health this way inadvertently, because instead of using it to hide, we can use it to highlight the best parts of ourselves.

3. Having some YOU time

The regular routine of applying makeup can be both relaxing and therapeutic for those who struggle to find time for themselves. Whether you have a busy work schedule, or a hectic home life, carve out this time for you! This will help you to get back in touch with yourself, and start the day with confidence.

4. Boost Your Creativity

Getting creative is a great way that you can utilise makeup to help you feel good within yourself. Beauty is not skin deep, and adding creativity to the mix has been proven to increase self-awareness as well as aid in expression and stress relief.

5. Learn to Love Your Own Skin

If you’re going through a period of struggle or overwhelm, makeup can improve your mental health by lifting you up and helping you love the skin that you’re in. By enhancing the aspects of yourself that you love, your external confidence will manifest internally.

There’s nothing stopping you looking great AND feeling amazing!

Now that zoom meetings have been swapped out for in-person reunions, you may be lacking in confidence after spending so long behind a screen. If you’re looking to brush up on your makeup skills, we’ve designed an online course to prepare you for normality!

Choosing to Learn Your Own Face could be a great option if you want to conquer your confidence in 2021.

The power of correct makeup is undeniable. At KLMA one of our core goals is to help give every woman the skills they need to be their very own makeup artist, so they can feel confident and empowered on a day to day basis to face any life event… with a hint of glamour of course! 

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