How Makeup Can Make Your Day Instantly Better

August 18, 2021

The link between makeup and self-esteem and the power it instills in us in undeniable. It gives control over insecurities by allowing more alone time and time to figure out our best features, allowing us to look and feel amazing both inside and out. Today we thought we’d lift our spirits by discussing some of […]

How Makeup Can Make Your Day Instantly Better
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The link between makeup and self-esteem and the power it instills in us in undeniable. It gives control over insecurities by allowing more alone time and time to figure out our best features, allowing us to look and feel amazing both inside and out. Today we thought we’d lift our spirits by discussing some of the ways how makeup can make your day instantly better.

Sadly, more often than not, makeup can be linked to various negative connotations – with the suggestion that it is a consequence of the pressures placed on society to look or act in a certain way. However, we truly believe that makeup can lift us up rather than pull us down. There are so many benefits, and it really can make us feel as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

In today’s more modern makeup industry, larger brands are breaking down barriers and reimagining what makeup means to us. With greater diversity, freedom, and accessibility – makeup has the power to reach more and more people in greater ways than ever before.

Here’s how a little makeup can make your day instantly better (and why we love it for it!)…

It can help us feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations

A survey conducted by the Renfrew Centre discovered that 44% of women felt more attractive and comfortable when they were wearing makeup than when they did not. If something as small as putting on some extra mascara can give us a boost, it can be a weapon in more unfamiliar situations like first dates or workplace presentations.

A little bit of makeup allows us to take control of the way in which we want to present ourself, helping our confidence reach new heights. Psychologists actually have a term for this phenomenon – The Lipstick Effect. They use this to describe the way in which makeup can boost our self-esteem and have a knock-on effect on memory, confidence and mental ability. When it comes to facing the slightly more difficult days in life, a little bit of lipstick can go a long way when it comes to how we feel.

It can activate our brain

Another beautiful thing about makeup is how just the act of applying it can awaken our senses. With different colours and textures available to play with, our creativity can really reach its full potential.

Several studies have found a positive relationship between makeup use and the effect it has internally. Korichi and colleagues (2008) described makeup application as a “holistic technique,” stimulating the senses of touch, smell, and sight.

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.

Michelle Phan

Makeup can promote and encourage both creativity and self-expression through experimentation with different products and styles.

It helps us feel happy in our own skin

This one might be an obvious one – but makeup makes us feel so GOOD! It provides us with the ability to accentuate our favourite features or highlight the parts of ourselves we love the most. Most of all, it provides us with a choice. Every day we wake up with the choice to express ourselves in whichever way we wish – it all lies in the products that we choose to pick up.

The results of the survey conducted by Silverio (2010) highlighted that women do feel more put together when they wear makeup. As well with a mean score of 4.36, most women agreed to the fact that they felt good when their makeup looks good. We know it’s not just us who feels empowered when we look our best.

It allows us to slow down

The act of applying makeup to the face or body can be extremely therapeutic. It’s something that we can do just for us.

In the past year, the lockdown has meant we have had to slow down even more than we’re typically used to. However, taking things slow has actually helped us become more confident in our skin than ever before. Beauty subscription box retailer Glossybox conducted a survey of over 10,000 participants, with 59% reporting they now feel more confident in their own skin, due to weeks of refocusing their beauty routines at-home – an unexpected but welcome benefit of lockdown.

Focusing on something like makeup so intently, can contain the mind to just thinking about this one moment. Makeup is an escape for many of us, and applying it can give us time that to ourselves as an escape from the everyday chaos.

We hope this has given you a gentle reminder of the power makeup has in self expression, confidence, and creativity.

Now, we just want to ask you a quick question. How would you feel about a career where you could help clients feel all these amazing feelings everyday? If you want a job that involves sprinkling that extra bit of happiness in someones life – becoming an MUA could be the perfect route.

Take it from us, there’s no better job than one that allows you to help others look and feel amazing.

If you’re dreaming of a career in makeup, it’s time to wave goodbye to your comfort zone!

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