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Your Potential Earnings as a Beauty-Preneur

March 29, 2021

Find out here what you could be earning, and how to increase this number even higher…

Your Potential Earnings as a Beauty-Preneur
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A career in the beauty industry is a sought-after pathway that many passionate artists and stylists dream of taking in their lifetime. However, more often than not this option is seen as unattainable from a financial point of view, often mistaken for not providing a wage that is suitable to live on.

But with passion and perseverance this doesn’t have to be the case! Your dream career and your dream salary are not mutually exclusive of one another.

In today’s blog post, we thought we’d give you a greater level of insight into the amount of money you could earn with a career in beauty. Whether that’s as an MUA, Professional Hairstylist, or Lash Technician, find out here both what you could be earning, and how to increase this number even higher…

The table above shows a detailed account of the potential earnings available when offering makeup, hair and lash services.

Makeup Clients

By taking on Makeup Clients alone you can start to build a relatively comfortable income, either as the foundations to your full-time career or even as a side-hustle alongside your permanent job. This could be a great gateway into full-time work in the beauty industry.

As detailed above, you could expect to earn around £45 a day by taking on makeup clients. This means on this pay you could earn up to £315 a week, £1260 a month and £15,120 a year.

The obvious ways to increase this number involve attracting more clients over time and scaling up your prices as your skills improve. However, there are other services you can offer as another way to increase you overall income.

Makeup Lessons

One of these options is offering Makeup Lessons! Whether you do this alongside clients or as a sole venture, passing your skills onto other aspiring MUAs is another, rewardable way to increase your earnings.

By teaching makeup lessons you can expect to earn at least £120 a day. This then contributes to £840 a week, £3360 a month, and £40,320 a year. This is a considerable increase and a very comfortable amount to be earning.


Adding hairstyling to your skillset is a great option for an MUA. You can find out more about why this is a great choice by reading our previous blog post here all about the six benefits to conquering hair.

As a hairstylist, you can expect to earn around £40 a day. This equates to £280 a week, £1120 a month, and £13,440 a year.

As you can see, adding this amount to the income earned from your makeup clients will almost double your income!

If you’re an MUA looking to develop a second skill in hairstyling, our Pro Hair Course starts on April 21st 2021. We have a few spaces remaining, and you can book yours by clicking here.

Semi-Permanent Lashes

The final pathway in our beauty earnings table is training as a Lash Technician. Here you could expect to earn £65 a day, £455 a week, £1820 a month and £21,840 a year.

Like hairstyling, combining Lashes with MUA work can double your initial income! It’s an amazing option for MUA’s who want to go full-time to ensure they can afford to leave their previous job.

If you would like to train as a Lash Expert, our 2-day lash course is currently enrolling for our May start dates. You can book your space by clicking here.

If this blog post has helped you realise that a pathway in beauty is for you, why not get ahead of the game and start your career now by enrolling on one of our Pro MUA courses.

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