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Our unrivalled college equivalent. An advanced & fully comprehensive course which covers all areas of Makeup Artistry, Business and MORE!!

Our most comprehensive training course....

With over 10 years experience in the industry we understand what is needed to achieve success. At KLMA it is our mission to provide an exceptional experience for our students before, during and after their training with us.

Is it time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do?  If Your Ready To Transform Your Career And Start Building Your Makeup Empire Then training with KLMA Is For You ...

You don't have to do it alone.

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How It Works

Decide on the course that best suits your goals, Then Select the date and timescale for your training. 


 Complete your enrolment form and return back to us alongside your deposit payment to secure your space. 


Attend the course, gain your qualification, and begin living the career of your dreams!


"More than 5 stars is needed! I started the course with zero experience and quite frankly zero confidence too, and now i honestly can't believe how far i've come."

Choosing to be a makeup artist is one thing but turning it into a career with real results is another!

The Artist education programme is set up as a step-by-step success map, ensuring you are fully equipped to tackle any kind of makeup pursuit.

The syllabus covers everything you need to equip you with confidence, skills and creativity! It will help push you forward into a career you LOVE and inspire you to  play BIG  whilst moving towards your artistry goals!

From basic tools, techniques, and theory, to portfolio building, live photoshoot experience and exclusive access to our award winning business accelerator programme.

This course is the one stop package to elevate your artistry into a thriving beauty career!

Because if there’s ever been a time to secure your success with a sustainable business, it's now!

Designed to help you master your craft, get real results & finally BECOMe YOUR OWN BOSS

Anything becomes possible when you have the skills you need to become Unstoppable!

"A course designed to set you up to win."

Develop a business acumen to drive your dreams forward

We show you how to start and set up your business from the inside out. No guess work required. Legal blurb, insurances, building your social media, managing your finances and marketing your services. YES! Hard to believe right? All this is included in your course fee and has been tracked and proven to become an imperative part of your success

The skills you will acquire after graduating will leave you feeling aligned with your work and empowered to become the boss you were born to be.

A kickstart on building your portfolio 

As part of the curriculum, You will explore different Makeup styles and produce your own portfolio looks from design to concept, helping you create your own unique style of artistry under expert guidance & supervision.

Our syllabus takes you from novice to expert, enabling you to develop a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering skillset that will set you apart from any competition. 

The A.E.P is inclusive of all genres of artistry from most requested evening & ocassion glam, to bridal, high fashion, avant garde and more specialist areas such as women of colour.

Expand beyond what you think is possible for your career  

learn the ins and outs of being a professional makeup artist


“Before training with KLMA I'd never had thought i would be successful with a job i'm passionate about!
They helped me get the experience and confidence i needed to start my business. .”


-Hygiene, Health and Safety
-Understanding your Kit and brushes
-Identifying Skin types
-Working on different skin tones
-Colour correction
-Achieving the Perfect Base

Syllabus Outline


Take a sneak peak at our curriculum

-Face Shapes
-Highlight & Contour
-Matte & Dewy skin secrets
-Brow Mapping & definition
-Lip application & precision
-Shape correction & enhancement


-Client consultation
-Transforming from the Inside-Out 
-Correct Time Management
-False lash application

-Colour Exploration
-Glitter & Pigments
-Beauty Makeup 

-Shoot Experience
-How to Photograph your work
-Building a Portfolio







-Recognising Eye Shapes
-Best makeup styles for each eye shape
-Smoky Eye Mastery

-Asian Bridal
-Cut crease styles
-Liner techniques

-Fashion + Editorial Makeup 
-Responding to a brief
-Face charts

-Bridal Makeup 
-Natural Glam
-Custom Lashes 

-Business Plan & Strategy 
-Branding & Marketing
-Managing your finances
-Kit Essentials
-Self Confidence & Mindset



"I went from barely paying my bills to quitting my job and finally having a career i love."

Being a single mum of two, i was somebody who worked to live, constantly juggling the kids and other responsibilities. Deciding to do the course felt overwhelming at first, but the girls were so lovely and supportive i knew instantly i'd picked the right place to train. Being a professional makeup artist and hairstylist has given me the freedom to work the hours i want, and not only that, i now live to work! I feel totally passionate about what i do, which is a feeling i never thought possible."


tripled her income

Hear from others who were once in your shoes...

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... stop thinking about booking a makeup course and do it with KLMA!"

It's the best thing i've ever done! Kiera & Tal are the ultimate professionals. They are masters of makeup, incredibly supportive and perfectionists. The skills i learnt on this course i would never have learnt from any youtube or instagram videos. I spent 12 weeks at KLMA and met some wonderful likeminded people who were equally as passionate about a career in makeup as me & i am incredible sad to say goodbye. I can't believe where i started and where i am now thanks to Kiera & KLMA - Thankyou ladies your knowledge & support has been instrumental to me setting up and succeeding in my own freelance makeup artist career".  


scaled her business by 5x

"It's worth every penny and honestly all i talk about!"

Absolutley loved training here! The academy is immaculate and staff are always on hand for anything you need. I always had a passion for makeup but never really knew where i wanted to go with it. The girls helped encourage me and see my options for the future, giving me advice and helping me to form an action plan. Not only does KLMA offer the best service and training, but i left feeling great within my own skin and empowered to follow my own dreams!"


Became a salon owner

“I cannot recommend KLMA enough! The knowledge i have learnt and the confidence i've gained is incomparable ”

etta Got her whole life in order again

I am forever on youtube so thought i knew quite a lot about makeup artistry, i initially signed up to KLMA purely for the certificate and qualification. Coming into the classroom however was a completely different ball game. I learnt far more than i had ever expected in such a short space of time.

The course covered everything . From understanding  what the best products are for each skin type, how to correct skin discolouration and really getting to grips with the use of different brushes and tools and mastering lots of tricky techniques . These are what they don't teach you on the web!

The support you receive during and after your training is invaluable, and better than you could ever get online - especially the free masterclasses! I have made lifelong friends and cannot thank KLMA enough!

Would highly recommend

This Is The Right Course For You If:

You want to gain a pro certification & become a fully qualified makeup artist

Your ready to hit the ground running and immerse yourself in a brand new skillset & career with a portfolio that speaks volumes about your capabilities.

YOu want to be knowledgeable in multiple areas of makeup and know the small, step by step, consistent actions used by pro artists that lead to big results.

You are looking for a college equivalent course which will help 10x your results and speed up the time it takes to get there

you're ready to step into the most confident, fearless & empowered version of you &  totally transform your career + do something you love!

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Tuesday 6th February 2024,
once a week for 10 weeks (9am-3pm)

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Please note If you need to reschedule your course you must give us a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

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“If you're in the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- melissa