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GLAMBITIOUS is an accelerator program designed to take the guesswork out of creating a successful beauty business whether you’re looking to start your career or scale it.

GLAMBITIOUS is an accelerator program designed to take the guesswork out of creating a successful beauty business whether you’re looking to start your career or scale it.

Ready to have the best year your business has ever seen?

Ready for the best year your business has ever had?

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The programme designed to help female entrepreneurs with a service based business, just like you, build traction, get organised and finally achieve their ambitions! 

You see doing Makeup is fun, but so is getting paid to do what you love. 

We've been where you are now, we understand what it's like trying to birth your business baby and we know the steps that will get you results (and also the ones that won't) 

The Beauty industry hit 532 billion in 2019 and the number of female entrepreneurs has grown 26% in the last few years, and truth be known, there’s never been something we are more passionate about supporting than helping you achieve the success we know you really deserve!


Ready to get real results?


Highly skilled graduates


Award wins & nominations


Years of industry experience


Pro Accredited courses 

  "I have done a few courses with KLMA now, all of them being so professional from the moment I had email confirmation. The teaching staff are amazing, nothing is ever too much for any of them and I couldn’t have asked for better training. After leaving the course I was well equipped to leave and continue my development and set up as a freelance artist. I have since been back and trained in specialist areas to further enhance my skills. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing this course & wouldn’t want to train anywhere else now!.”

— cara

"I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else now!"

It happens by joining the GLAMBITIOUS programme and choosing us as your guide so we can show you the critical pieces of the puzzle to help set your business up to thrive. 

We have kept this course as constructive (yet effective) as possible so that no matter your experience you can start and grow your business all by yourself as an empowered entrepreneur, should you so wish.

Let us show you that success without overwhelm is possible, and things don’t have to be as hard as you think they do. We can help save you the headache (or migrane, lol) and show you what it really takes to be getting your work noticed and having clients book your services constantly and consistently.

Success leaves clues. This isn't rocket science, it's just years of experience and a well designed framework that helps you get there.

Making your Career dreams a Reality doesn't happen by accident.

The rest is on you though,
to make the decision to join.
to take the action to sign up. 

but guess what...

The Business mastery programme designed to support you in becoming your own boss and making a successful career  as a Pro MUA or in any service-based business. 

Whether you are just starting out or already established, the fundamentals of starting and growing a business that thrives are the same. The knowledge you learn here can be put on rinse & repeat and applied to any service, anywhere in the world.



Inside-Out is the philosophy in all our teachings and Business is no exception. To create a solid foundation you need to get things in place that will support your growth. We teach you all about setting up your business, insurances, legal blurb, tax, expenses and how to get a structure in place that supports your vision moving forward.

You see doing Makeup is fun, but so is getting paid to do what you love and lets be frank - business without money is just an expensive hobby. In this module we show you what's really imperative when it comes to your profession and walk you through knowing your fees as a beginner & advanced makeup artist & how to package a service. Not only that, we will teach you about prices, deposits, contracts & booking systems so that you feel confident knowing how to be in control of your income.   

Here's What You'll Learn

Understanding your Business Inside-Out  

Managing your Finances

step one

STEP tw0

The secret sauce - You see we could hand you an entire done-for-you strategy of how to start or scale your business right now… but if you don’t truly believe it’s possible for you, then you won’t invest your time and energy into making it happen. The most important thing to be done in any business is having faith in yourself to show up and do the work whilst being open to receiving the success & income you desire.

Self confidence & Mindset 

step four

Your great at what you do, but how do you get yourself noticed? Your clients are out there and they’re ready and waiting to book in with you. Let us show you how to become a marketing maven and take immediate action to bring in clients whilst learning key strategies to create new earning opportunities on demand.

Magnetic Marketing

step Three


Know exactly how to be in control of your income and stay on top of your finances no matter what stage of business you are at.

Understand Socials, Branding and Strategy so you can make sure clients want to book your services verses booking someone else  

How does this sound?

Have an A la Carte menu of ideas on how to generate clients on demand at any time. (Hint -Hint) You can re-use this methodology at any time you need!



the results you're going to get:


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident in who you are and what you can achieve.


Lay a solid foundation for your business to be built upon, know your legal requirements and cultivate a clear vision to propel you forward



How It Works

Choose your preferred payment method & enrol for your training.

First This

GLAMBITIOUS IS an online business accelerator PROGRAMME

Make your payment & get instant access to your student portal

Then this

Complete all modules, gain your expertise & begin crushing your biz goals

then this

"Before starting the programme I knew I was good but just couldn’t get clients. I’m now making 3k+ profit after being in debt from owning a business"


got her groove back:


"A year on now since my training and i now have a successful business on my own doing what i love which I don't think i would have been able to do if i had attended another course! Definitely worth every penny xxx"


is now a successful business owner:


real results

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get  you started!

"I went from barely paying my bills to quitting my job and finally having a career i love."

Being a single mum of two, i was somebody who worked to live, constantly juggling the kids and other responsibilities. Deciding to do the course felt overwhelming at first, but the girls were so lovely and supportive i knew instantly i'd picked the right place to train. Being a professional makeup artist and hairstylist has given me the freedom to work the hours i want, and not only that, i now live to work! I feel totally passionate about what i do, which is a feeling i never thought possible."


tripled her income

Yes, It Really Works

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... stop thinking about booking a makeup course and do it with KLMA!"

It's the best thing i've ever done! Kiera & Tal are the ultimate professionals. They are masters of makeup, incredibly supportive and perfectionists. The skills i learnt on this course i would never have learnt from any youtube or instagram videos. I spent 12 weeks at KLMA and met some wonderful likeminded people who were equally as passionate about a career in makeup as me & i am incredible sad to say goodbye. I can't believe where i started and where i am now thanks to Kiera & KLMA - Thankyou ladies your knowledge & support has been instrumental to me setting up and succeeding in my own freelance makeup artist career".  


scaled her business by 5x

"It's worth every penny and honestly all i talk about!"

Absolutely loved training here! The academy is immaculate and staff are always on hand for anything you need. I always had a passion for makeup but never really knew where i wanted to go with it. The girls helped encourage me and see my options for the future, giving me advice and helping me to form an action plan. Not only does KLMA offer the best service and training, but i left feeling great within my own skin and empowered to follow my own dreams!"


became a salon owner

Lifetime Online
Access to:

Understanding your business inside out module- including; legal requirements, insurances, tax, business plan, strategy & framework & templates for you to complete 

Managing your finances module- INCLUDING everything you need to know about; pRICING, DEPOSITS, BOOKING SYSTEMS, CONTRACTS & BUDGETING 



Plus x4 module specific Success accelerator kits! 

the complete setting up your business for optimal growth checklist, Client attraction systems, goal setting that actually works, effective targets, & outreach without budget.

LEARN HOW TO rebook clients easily, how to package your services, be in control of your finances and maximise your earning potential


say goodbye to self doubt as we show you how to break through limiting beliefs and become the business owner you have always dreamed of. learn our magic daily formula for success & our top hacks for staying motivated. 


select the plan that works for you:

And we want to do everything we can to shave time off your learning curve.

Tried, tested, then tested again! This curriculum is packed with valuable tools, tutorials & resources to help you win. We have had the pleasure of helping over 1000 highly trained graduates, just like you, master the creative skills and fundamentals that build a rewarding career and prosperous businesses. 

If your ready to transform your career in a supportive & inspiring environment...

It's not a fairytale. There's no shortcut.
We don't believe in overnight success, but we do believe that that hard work, time, and the right tools equal success.  

You're in the right place.

Sign up today and get a FREE COPY of our Instagram rocket fuel for your business 0-10k guide
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"Instagram Rocket Fuel"
Our Step-by-Step Proven formula to growing your Instagram  

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"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


It's Possible for You!

The course exceeded my expectations, believe me when i say you never know how much there is to learn about makeup until you enrol! Thankyou Kiera and all the KLMA team, the academy has given me confidence in myself and a new exciting career to pursue.”

— amy

""More than 5 stars is needed!""

"I went from barely even knowing how to hold a foundation brush to owning my own professional kit that KLMA give you and knowing exactly how to use it all. I've learnt things i thought i would never understand, improved my confidence & feel so inspired"


"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"The support you receive during and after your training is invaluable, and better than you could ever get online. I mastered so many tricky techniques that they don't teach you on the web and can't thank KLMA enough!"


"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

Meet Your Lead Educator... 

Hey there! 
If your new around here, hi, 
I’m Kiera-louise, Founder & CEO of KLMA Academy.

I’m a Professional Makeup Artist,  Educator & Serial Entrepreneur. I am Unapologetically ambitious and aim to pave the way for myself and other women to rise. I've seen entrepreneurs struggle time and time again and so i've bottled up my know-how & packaged it into this programme to put out into the world

more about me

hey there!

I've been where you are now...

I’ve felt complete overwhelm trying to figure out what to and NOT to do when it comes to business.

I've thrown [poop emoji] at the wall and then given up when it didn’t stick and experienced myself in a state of 'comparisonitus' wondering how people were getting the results they were and i wasn’t (YET)

You see success is possible for you. Whether you can believe it right now or not. There really is no difference between you and that person who is succeeding… they’ve just failed a few more times to figure out their formula, that’s all.

You have a choice right now: (a) to continue to watch other people succeed while you slowly work everything out on your own, or (b) to take the leap and invest in people who can teach you how to succeed, so you go join them now.

I know which table I’d rather sit sipping porn star martini’s at.

If you've made it all the way down here, know this from my heart to yours: if it was possible for me, a working class girl with only ambition and a ditched retail job (RIP), it's possible for you. THAT you TOO CAN EXPERIENCE your dream career.

things haven't always been this way.

I see you and
I hear you.
It’s scary, right?
Or at least, it was
before you found us...

The reason we decided to bottle our know-how and put it out into the world is because we see entrepreneurs simply not being given the education they need to really get things off the ground.

beginner friendly framework

Glambitious will work for you whether you haven't got the foggiest about business or if you have some basics in place but can't seem to get traction..

Our syllabus is designed to help you crush your career goals. We don’t believe in fluff, making things any more complicated than is necessary or doing things that don’t generate a great return on time, energy or monetary investment. And we've made the framework so easy to follow that it guarantee's you will leave the programme knowing 100% more than you ever did when you signed up!

designed to enhance YOUR CAPABILITY

This programme is about giving YOU the tools and skills to enhance your own career. We want to empower you to be the leader of your own life and not have to rely on anyone else to reach your income and business goals.

It has taken us over 10 years of fine tuning, trials, knowledge, and a ton of hard work to create leading programmes that really do work. 

We want to help take the guesswork out of how to move your business forward and save you a ton of wasted time and money so nothing stands between you and those massive goals you’re visualising.

You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve when you're given the right information and start indexing on your strengths.

You’re more than capable, you’re oh so ready and now it’s time to step aaall the way up!

imperative business advice

shared systems &
 clear strategy 

unlimited aftercare & SUPPORT NETWORK

Follow a proven success roadmap

This program includes everything you need to turn your passion into a profession.

But here's the thing...

 We don’t take your investment of time, energy (and money!) into our courses lightly, there are limited spaces on our programmes and we want to make sure they’re going to the right people.

Graduate success is our reward and we only want to work with people who are going to be committed to getting results.

Giving your business the wings it needs to get off the ground and fly.

Building a strong foundation and structure that can support your vision 

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up and fuel your creativity.

Becoming your own boss & raising the bar on what you can earn and achieve in your career.

Turning your dreams into plans by sustaining processes and systems taught to you by our leading educators. 

Feeling happier, more passionate, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


You will leave the classroom knowing 100% more than you ever did when you walked in. 

Yes, we are aware that's a bold statement but we KNOW our value and we are totally confident in the training programmes we deliver. In fact, we are so confident that if you apply all you learn in this course, you'll make your investment back many times over!



This      for you if:

You want to make it as a beautypreneur and are willing to put the time, effort and investment into making your dream a reality.

You're overwhelmed by this

YOu ARE committed to finding success in your business & career 


you're ready for a new challenge & want to create a biz you are proud of

It's probably       for you if...

You aren’t ready, able or willing to invest the time, energy and money into learning new skills and moving the needle in your career.



It's probably
for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

shoot us an email

We completely understand. Sometimes you just need to speak to someone and get some questions answered. 

Still on the fence?