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Makeup Masterclass

The Makeup Masterclass is our most popular Makeup course. Taking you from beginner to professional. Ideal for those wishing to become a freelance MUA or those wishing to learn all there is about about applying makeup flawlessly and professionally.

Each session focuses on a different look or area of artistry, ensuring we cover the absolute basics right the way through to more advanced levels of training.

The course covers both theory and practical demonstrations. Showcasing over 25 different leading cosmetic brands and looks that are industry relevant.

You will continuously swap partners throughout the course to ensure you develop your skills and are prepared for any clientele.

Students are given work booklets to keep and complete home works in which will act as a great resource to reflect on once you leave KLMA.

This is the perfect course for those wishing to pursue a career as a retail makeup artist working on beauty counters, or equally those who wish to do clients mobile, from home or based at a salon.

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Syllabus Outline

  • Studio Etiquette
  • Health and Safety/Hygiene
  • Kit and brushes
  • Skin types
  • Working on different skin tones/undertones
  • Eye Shapes
  • Face Shapes
  • Colour Correction
  • Perfect Base
  • Highlight & Contour
  • Brow Mapping& definition
  • Natural Glam
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Cut-Crease Styles
  • Glitter & Pigments
  • Liner Techniques
  • Custom Lashes
  • False lash Application
  • Lip Application & precision
  • Dewy Skin/Strobing
  • Kit Essentials

Course Date

Full Time (2 weeks) – Start date 7th-18th January, Monday-Friday 10-4pm over two consecutive weeks


Part Time Evening Option – Start Date: 5th February, 6-9pm over 12 consecutive weeks

  • Evening timescale – 5th February Start Date
  • Industry Recognised certificate & Diploma awarded – allowing successful graduates to gain public liability insurance and professional discounts
  • Expert Leaders – Learn from the best artist’s who are also fully qualified teachers
  • Theory and practical education
  • Interactive learning sessions
  • Inclusion of KLMA Workbooklet
  • KLMA Pro kit included – RRP £500
  • KLMA Professional Makeup Brush Set
  • 0% Finance over 12 months and Piggy bank schemes available

Fast-Track Artistry

The Fast track Artistry course is aimed at beginners who wish to become fashion industry ready professionals in the quickest time possible.

The course is intense and fast paced, allowing graduates to become qualified, highly skilled and begin earning quickly form their rewarding new career.

The syllabus covers everything you need to know in order to be an exceptional makeup professional and excel in this ever growing industry.

Complete with both theory and practical learning sessions, x2 Portfolio shoots with agency represented models (confirming you receive the best images for your book) and a bonus Educational Business and Social Media workshop to ensure you have the best possible start to your thriving new career.

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Syllabus Outline

  • Studio Etiquette
  • Health and Safety/Hygiene
  • Kit and brushes
  • Skin types
  • Eye Shapes
  • Face Shapes
  • Colour Correction
  • Highlight & Contour
  • Brow Mapping& definition
  • Natural Glam
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Cut-Crease Styles
  • Glitter & Pigments
  • Liner Techniques
  • Custom Lashes
  • False Lash application
  • Face Charts
  • Responding to a brief
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Beauty Makeup
  • Shoot Experience
  • Business Strategy
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Kit Essentials
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Upon successful completion of the course, graduates have the opportunity to apply for the KLMA Events Team, which grants them access to be chosen for work experience opportunities on fashion shows, bridal fairs, festivals and award ceremonies
  • Unlimited aftercare and support

Course Date

 Start Date: 25th February, 10-4.30pm over 8 consecutive weeks

  • 8 week course – Daytime classes  – 25th February Start Date
  • Industry Recognised certificate & Diploma awarded – allowing successful graduates to gain public liability insurance and professional discounts
  • Expert Leaders – Learn from the best artist’s who are also fully qualified teachers
  • Theory and practical education
  • Interactive learning sessions
  • Professional Photoshoot with agency represented models
  • Social Media & Marketing workshop
  • Inclusion of KLMA Workbooklet
  • KLMA Pro kit included – RRP £500
  • KLMA Professional Makeup Brush Set
  • Chance to apply for KLMA Events team upon graduation
  • 0% Finance over 12 months and Piggy bank schemes available

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What happens after I apply?

Our admissions team will be in touch to schedule a call with you. During the call they will work with you to determine whether this is the correct training programme to suit your goals at the right time for you. If you are happy we will set up your enrolment with us.

Can I apply for finance?

Yes! At KLMA finance is available on all our professional courses. Interest rates range from just 0%-3% per month with no early repayment charges!

To quailfy for finance you must have…

  • No CCJs within the last 3 years
  • No accounts in default
  • Be a UK resident
  • Have online banking
  • Regular source of income

If you wish to fund your training via finance option, please let us know the amount you wish to finance and our team will send you a personalized link to apply.

KLMA Academy – Makeup Courses in Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only our certified courses include a KLMA pro kit! The kit is RRP £500 but available to students studying at KLMA for a discounted price if not included with the course you are undertaking. Please ask for details.

At KLMA we aim to give our students the most up to date and comprehensive training. Classes are all taught by not only fully qualified Makeup Artist’s but also fully qualified teachers and lecturer’s.
Our artist’sare all still industry present, ensuring they not only train you, but also share their extensive industry knowledge.

KLMA’s professional courses are a combination of both theory and practical based learning. It is important when training to become a successful makeup artist that you understand the fundamentals of makeup in just as much importance as executing the skill set.

There’s no doubt that YouTube artists can teach you how to create full and creative looks, it wont however teach you makeup theory, basic application techniques and how to adapt for a diverse clientele. If you are looking to launch a successful career in makeup formal education is by far your best option.

Work opportunities as a professional makeup artist are endless. Working freelance in the beauty sector, retail cosmetics, fashion or media/entertainment industries are some of the most popular choices. Other pathways include theatrical productions, remedial camouflage and celebrity makeup artists.

Yes, we have students travelling from overseas on a regular basis, some as far as Bermuda! For international students it is required that you are fluent in English speaking and writing.

At KLMA we maintain lifelong relationships with our students and we understand that graduation is just the beginning.

Unlimited aftercare is provided for all our students. Graduates are given the opportunity to apply for the KLMA events team and have access to work experience opportunities, job vacancies and invites to exclusive master classes. Access to our KLMA Academy graduate group is given on Facebook, here students get a chance to network with past alumni and both our tutors and team who are dedicated to your success are available for contact 24/7

Students must be aged 16 or above to enrol on one of KLMA’s certified courses. However, applicants under 16 years old can complete one of our introductory courses or 121 sessions providing parental consent is given.

Yes! All of KLMA’s graduates are eligible for makeup discounts from a variety of cosmetics brands. Your certificate of completion will act as one piece of evidence in order to apply and receive your makeup discounts.

The best way to stand out from your competition is to offer more services! Hair styling is the perfect accompaniment to makeup skills. Most employers (especially those in the fashion/media sector) will expect makeup artists to have a working knowledge of how to style hair. Having this skill alongside your artistry will mean you are double certified. This will not also boost credentials but also boost your chances of being hired for Brides and clients alike.

Yes, and no! It depends on how you look at it. All careers have some level of competition, which is healthy as it makes you strive to succeed.

Many successful make-up artists work with others in a network. Helping each other by passing on jobs you can not do, sharing jobs and generally supporting each other.

With professional makeup training, the possibilities are endless. There are a number of factors that determine what salary you will make as a makeup artist, the first of which is formal training.

The simple answer is yes! The makeup industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. It is ever growing and changeable meaning that as long as you put the work in there will always be opportunities for work.

Depending on your goals, we have a number of courses which are suitable for beginners. If you are wanting to become a fully qualified Makeup Artist, then either our Makeup Masterclass or Fast-Track Artistry course will upon successful completion offer you an industry recognised certification.If you are wanting to learn your own makeup or get a taster into Makeup Artistry, then our Introductory Course would be a perfect choice!

  • Passion for makeup
  • Good work ethic
  • Good communication and people skills
  • An artistic flare
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Patience, perseverance, reliability and tact
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Good time keeping

At KLMA class sizes are kept small to maximize learning and build teacher-student bonds.This allows us to offer a much higher level of personal attention from artist to student. Our tutors pride themselves on being approachable and understanding, always there to help and support our students along the way.

At KLMA we believe a good makeup artist is not restricted by one brand alone. We choose to showcase our students over 28 different brands; this includes products from market leaders such as Mac Cosmetics to drugstore hero’s such as Maybelline and new and emerging online brands such as Melkoir and Prossentials.

The KLMA Pro Makeup Artist Kit
is the perfect backbone to every makeup artist’s starter kit. Including a professional brush set, Foundations, eyeshadow, liners, concealer, mascara, blush palette, lip palette, brow palette,contour set, powder, belt and carry case, it contains all you need to get started.

At KLMA we believe in providing only the best quality products for our students, and so our kits are made up of over 16 carefully selected hero products from leading industry brands.

To enroll on a course at KLMA, please contact us either via email or telephone 07891008505. You will need to complete the enrolment form and return to us signed along with your non-refundable deposit.

All of our professional courses include a KLMA Pro kit, brushes and student booklet which is referred to throughout the course. The fees also cover the many products, equipment, tools and materials which are used during the course.

At KLMA we offer different payment options to suit the needs of our clients. We have interest free payment plans and finance options on all of our courses to help spread the cost of our training.

Wages vary according to responsibility, experience and sector.Newly-qualified MUA’s in fashion and editorial will earn about £100 a day for assisting on a shoot, but may have to work for nothing when starting out. A senior make-up artist on an advertising shoot can earn £500 plus per day.

Top make-up artists can earn about £3,000 a day designing make-up for fashion shows. Agencies arrange such jobs but charge the artist up to 20% commission.

Film work can pay from £500 to £800 a week. Theatrical work, which can range from face make-up to wig care, pays about the same depending on the job.

Makeup artists focusing on clients can charge from £25 -60 per hour and bridal parties an extra surcharge. MUA’s have the opportunity to hold multiple job posts at the same time if they wish and increase income furthermore.

The best makeup schools are generally private. Typically, professional courses can range from £1500 – £8000 or more depending on the amount and level of content you wish to be qualified in. At KLMA our professional courses start from £1600, but taster and top up courses are available from £200

Yes, we do! At KLMA we believe every woman should have the opportunity to learn to be her own makeup artist if she wants to. Our Introductory master class is designed to give you the perfect platform to start from. Available with a pre-planned itinerary or as a custom lesson to suit your individual needs.

In order to become a fully qualified makeup artist, you must complete one of our certified courses – These are “The Artist Education Programme”, “Fast track Artistry” and “The Makeup Masterclass”. The certificate will allow you to gain public liability insurances (which is essential to working in the industry) and also professional discounts.

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Thinking of enrolling on a hairstyling course to run alongside makeup artistry?

Hairstyling and Makeup Artistry go hand in hand. Like any career choice, you should consider your education from an investment perspective. Many beauty professionals are masters of both trades. Getting a second certification on your resume is a chance to double your earning potential and increase client prospects.

  • If you’re a makeup artist you’ve probably had clients, ask you about hairstyling. For them, it’s a bonus if their makeup artist is a one-stop shop.
  • If you are wanting to apply to a salon or business, being double certified allows you to offer your skills in both areas of Hair and Makeup– Employers love the fact you are able to fill more than 1 role as it saves them having to hire twice and also allows the advertisement of you as a full service beauty expert.
  • Income wise you will be able to offer both individual services and packages. Being qualified in both hair and makeup essentially means you will have two professions. In the UK, Makeup Artists earn approximately £35 per hour, translating to a yearly salary of around £70,000. Adding a hairstyling certification will allow you to increase this number through offering more services and being able to accept more jobs.

Pro Hairstyling –12th February, 10-3pm, once a week for 5 consecutive weeks

This course is perfect for those wanting to become a professional hairstylist, Hairdressers who want to update their styling skills or Makeup artists who want to add another service to their business and increase their client prospects.

Syllabus includes

  • Straight Blow dry techniques
  • Curly Blow dry techniques
  • Barrel Curls
  • French twists
  • Plaiting Techniques
  • Working with hair pieces and padding
  • How to work successfully with styling tools such as curling tongues, wands and straighteners
  • Correct tools and equipment
  • Product Knowledge
  • Professional Conduct and etiquette
  • 12th February start date
  • Practical workshops & Interactive learning sessions
  • All materials provided during your training with us
  • KLMA Pro hair kit is advised but not included in the course price 100% attendance required to gain certification
  • 0% Finance over 12 months and Piggy bank schemes available

Book any of the listed KLMA Training courses TODAY and get £200 off total course fee!!

Makeup Masterclass, Fast track Artistry, Pro Hairstyling. Offer subject to availability T&Cs apply. Please note that our prices will be rising from 31/12/2018. Courses booked before then will remain at this years prices.

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