With the soaring cost of childcare making it a difficult decision to go back to work after having a baby, many are looking to MLM’s such as Tropic and Arbonne to earn a few quid from home. These are often risky ventures that rely on recruiting others to make money, and this is why a makeup career can be a smart move for Mums!

Did you know the average makeup artist is earning £300+ just working on  Saturday alone? Some shrewd parents have cottoned on to the fact they can make big bucks from training to be a professional makeup artist. Here we tell you why this is a smart move!


Flexible Working

If you only want to work one day a week on a Saturday, where your partner or family can watch the kids, then you can! And still walk away with hundreds of pounds just from one day per week.

Many makeup artists set up a space in their own home, or travel to clients home or place of work, keeping overheads low. As your training course includes a full kit – you’re ready to go after you’ve completed your training and you can start earning straight away!

Be your own Boss

Don’t want to miss dropping your kids off at school and being there to collect? No problem – you’re the boss, and you choose what time you work to and from. While some makeup artists work a limited number of hours to meet their lifestyle, others go on to hire and train others and build a sustainable and profitable growth business. The choice is yours!

A growing market

A few years ago, it was relatively unheard of for girls to get their makeup professionally done before a night out. This tended to be for special occasions only like weddings. But with growing pressure to look immaculate, the rise in Botox and fillers, fuelled by shows like Love Island, we are seeing professional makeup become a standard part of the beauty routine for a regular night out!


How can I train to be a makeup artist?

We have full time courses over a two week period, or evening courses that run once per week for 12 consecutive weeks.

These cost £1999 and come with a makeup kit to get you started. We can also offer monthly finance to help spread the cost.

Unlike other courses, we include Facebook Advertising training free of charge from our partner agency to ensure that you are as busy with work as you want to be!

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