How to be a better Makeup Artist …

Regardless if you’re a beginner or a professional MUA, these tips can help you add more to your makeup game.

Are you ready to move closer to your goals?

​If you are then let’s jump right into it!

1) Practice makes perfect.

If you’re making the first steps in your career path, try practicing makeup on your fellow friends or family members.

Notice their unique face features and try various techniques when applying their makeup.

If you’re an advanced specialist, try not to settle – practice some more and perfect your craft, so that you become the best version of yourself.

Use every chance and be excited about it.

2) Have some role models from this industry. 

Sometimes we all have to have someone to look up to.

Having a role model could help you lift yourself up when you’re feeling down, or simply inspire you to achieve even more than anyone who’s on top of the makeup industry.

3) Learn constantly and be consistent with it. 

Every day brings us some new trends to recreate or innovative makeup techniques to master.

Admire what you’re doing and keep an eye on the social media as well as the most influential beauty experts to always be ready to catch the newest information and adapt it to your daily work.

4) Create unique and appealing portfolio. 

A great portfolio can open you the doors to unlimited possibilities, so invest your time to create high-quality pictures.

Small tip: search for local photographers, who have the similar photography style you’d like to show in your portfolio.

Build a relationship with them – beautiful pictures are what you need both.

4) Build your presence online. 

Almost everyone’s online now. From your potential clientele to the organizers of the next biggest gig you might be hired to.

Be active on social media, show your works (that’s where photography skills come in handy) and connect with various people – you never know what you could find there.


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