Award-winning Makeup artist and Entrepreneur




Over the course of a lifetime its averaged that we spend just over a third of it at work. That being said, its no surprise that what you do for a living has a big impact on your levels of happiness, fulfilment and how you show up in the world.


I think everyone can agree that You didn’t come to this life to just survive Mondays, You’re in this life for a reason.


I know what its like to work a job you hate, to feel frustrated every time you’re at work. To feel like you are putting in so much time and energy for little/no return or appreciation from employers. I’ve been there, but it wasn’t somewhere I could stay…


The waves were calling and being the captain of my own ship I was ready to set sail. I knew I wanted to live a life that LIT me up, that was juicy, full of freedom, passion and creativity. So, with no one else to light the way, I took a solo voyage into the unknown.


I’ve always been ridiculously ambitious and committed to achieving but starting out as a Makeup artist wasn’t easy. At first I got rejected, left, right and centre from every agency and job I applied for. It was soul destroying. I wasn’t busy at all. I made very little money, But I was passionate and determined. I did whatever I could, constantly doing shoots for free just to build my portfolio, make new contacts and learn as much as possible.


Slowly, Things began to pay off. I Landed jobs for big brands and media organisations (BBC, Mac Cosmetics and Various fashion houses) Built my own Bridal and clientele network, then began teaching level 2 and 3 vocational courses at a local college and coaching other makeup artists. Working practically 7 days a week, it was hard work. I was spinning LOTS of different plates, but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.


Teaching at the college in direct contrast to the amount of work I’d done in the industry, really opened my eyes to the lack in standard and real world artistry skills that were missing from conventional education. There was a gap in the market for makeup training that was high quality and relevant to sector requirements. You know the kind that would ensure you were ready to blaze a trial of light upon successful completion…


I had forever dreamt of having my own makeup school but if I’m honest always envisioned this would be waaay later on in my life. My entrepreneurial spirit however had other plans…


It was my eureka moment… when the clouds parted and life got VERY interesting.


KLMA was born and fast forward 5 years,  with a ton of hard work, knowledge, trials, lessons, and fine tuning – we have created award winning programmes that really work! If truth be told, the programmes created are the exact courses I could have really done with back when I began. Having been in the industry for just over 10 years, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve probably made pretty much every “mistake” possible but I somehow managed to guide myself through the struggles and evolve a million lifetimes in each department. I needed to experience what I have done to be a living embodiment of what I teach. And I’m not just talking makeup skills, I mean mind set, business fundamentals and truly stepping into your power + purpose.


I am relentless in pursuit of my mission to Educate, Empower and Inspire every student that walks through our door.


And because I’ve learnt the hard way, it means you don’t have to.


I strongly believe the things you are here to teach are the very things you most need to learn, and life is far too short to spend it doing a job you hate.


Through Makeup, Coaching and simply being myself, I’ve helped many people discover their true calling and witnessed how, as a result of it, they transformed their careers, their mind-set, and as a bi-product their entire lives.


To find out more about how we can help you create a career you actually love get in touch today