KLMA Makeup Training Courses

Turn your passion for makeup into a profession

Classes are all taught by not only fully qualified Makeup Artist’s but also fully qualified teachers and lecturer’s. Our staff pride themselves on being both inspiring and approachable. They are also freelance Artist’s that are still presently working full or part-time in this ever-changing industry, ensuring they not only train you, but also share their extensive industry knowledge.

Class sizes are kept small to maximise learning and build teacher-student bonds. This allows us to offer a much higher level of personal attention from artist to student. Here at KLMA, our tutors pride themselves on being approachable and understanding, always there to help and support our students along the way.

We aim to give our students the most up-to-date industry tools when training.

Our aim is for students to be the best in the business and have a full understanding of what will get you there, which includes – the importance of using your tools properly, how to perfect your skill and the passion behind the work.

KLMA Academy are dedicated to helping you achieve success in preparing to begin your journey as a professional make-up artist.

Fast Track Artistry

This course is ideal for people who have never done makeup before and want to learn the basics, brushes and how to apply makeup in a professional manner.


• Skin prep.
• Choosing the correct foundation & application techniques.
• Face shapes.
• The art of Highlight & Contour.
• How to apply blush professionally.
• Master False Lash application.
• Eyeliner Techniques.
• The perfect lip.
• Eye shapes.
• Learn how to create the ultimate Smoky eye.

Once the course is completed, applicants are then eligible to enrol onto our Intermediate course and build skills to progress their artistry to an even higher level of expertise.

Industry recognised certificate is awarded upon successful completion of this course.

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Makeup Masterclass

Taking you from beginner to professional, our makeup masterclass is the ideal course for those wishing to become a makeup artist or learn all there is to know about applying makeup professionally. This course is inclusive of a KLMA Pro kit RRP £500 to ensure you have everything you need to get started as a makeup artist and an industry recognised certificate is awarded upon successful completion.

This intensive makeup course is tailored to challenge and progress you, taking you’re from the absolute basics right the way through to an advanced level of training with both theory and practical demonstrations. Throughout the duration of the course you will work with a range of over 25 leading cosmetic brands whilst covering;

• Sanitisation
• How to work on different skin types.
• How to work on different skin tones/undertones.
• Eye shapes.
• Face shapes.
• Colour correcting.
• Highlight & Contour (cream & powder).
• Brow mapping & definition.
• Natural Glam.
• Smokey eyes.
• Cut crease makeup.
• Mastering Glitter & Pigments.
• Perfecting liner - sharp wings.
• Editorial styles.
• Strobing/Dewy skin.
• Lip application & precision.
• Customised lashes and false lash application.

Each session focuses on a different look using new products and techniques – all of which are industry relevant and inspired by current trends. You will continuously swap partners throughout the course to ensure you develop your skills and are prepared for any clientele.

As the course progresses you will move on to more challenging tasks to prepare you for the final week which consists of a practical examination of which you will be graded. Students are given work booklets to keep and complete home works in which will act as a great resource to reflect on once you leave KLMA.

Our tutors will give you a deep insight to the competitive world of makeup artistry by discussing professional experiences, sharing tips and giving you the knowledge and know – how to start working in this creative and exciting industry.

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The AEP - The Artist Education Program

Choosing to be a makeup artist is one thing, but turning it into your career is another!

Our state of the art 20 week program is KLMA’s new addition. This advanced course will take you from a beginner to the highest standard of artist ready to break into the industry.

This course covers all aspects of makeup artistry and MORE, allowing you to specialise in creative makeup techniques, understand the business inside out, and explore historical, high fashion and avant garde avenues of makeup artistry. The AEP includes access to professional models to work on, a full KLMA brush set and an AEP exclusive makeup kit which has been designed specifically with the best industry products to suit the looks and techniques that will be taught on this course.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded an industry recognised certificate which will allow you to begin your career instantaneously.


Weeks 1-4 : We will cover all the basic knowledge needed by a makeup artist, this includes everything from skin types, tones and shapes, to highlight & contour, to liner, applying false lashes and perfecting that pout!

Weeks 5-9 : Mastering your makeup skill, including smokey eyes and working from face charts and to a brief set by a makeup designer.

Weeks 10-14: Pushing your makeup skills to explore historical aspects of makeup artistry and unfamiliar territory for beginners such as working on a variety of ages, races, and special occasion makeups such as brides.

Weeks 15-20: Perfecting your makeup skills and getting ready to start your career. In these last 6 weeks you will be focusing on producing looks that will belong on a high fashion catwalk or centre stage of an avant garde shoot. We will demonstrate to you how to use embellishment and pastiche creatively and also give you the opportunity to be taught by guest tutors both makeup and business  advice, before your final exam on week 20.

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Intermediate Masterclass

For people who have already completed a KLMA starter course or have experience with makeup and have their own kit. This course gives students the chance to touch up on makeup knowledge, learn new techniques and take their current skills to a new level of expertise.

This course boasts 6 intense looks with varied areas of inspiration. Throughout which, students will be challenged consistently and encouraged to advance their skills further by working on different faces, and using alternative products and techniques to the week before.

• Smoke it out.
• Cut crease.
• Spotlight.
• No makeup - makeup.
• Glitter and pigments.
• Colour.

Upon successful completion students are presented with an industry recognised certificate which has previously led to past students furthering their careers with major cosmetic houses such as Mac Cosmetics, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Illamasqua.

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Professional Development

Aimed at those who are already fully trained working makeup artists or have previously completed KLMA’s makeup master class, Intermediate master class or Fashion & Media course.

Students will expand their skills, focus on key aspects of creativity and learn the importance of attention to detail when creating professional looks. This course offers the chance to brush up on already acquired professionalism. With guidance from our specialist team, students gain tips on enhancing their social media platforms and developing a portfolio to increase job prospects, alongside Business, Networking, Organization techniques to successfully break into this ever changing industry.

A must for any artist looking for a competitive edge.

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Asian Bridal / Makeup / Henna

Aimed at those artists wanting to dominate the Asian Bridal Market. This intensive course showcases;

• Learn the art of one traditional Indian and one Pakistani Look. Our artists will give their own expert advice whilst completing step by step demo which you will then recreate.

• An in-depth look at all types of foundation henna, preparation and making a basic cone, creating traditional designs,and understanding the importance of cone pressure control and after care.

• Asian bridal is an art in itself, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Bridal Hair & Makeup

This course is perfect for any artist wanting to further their skills and add a specialised service onto their growing business. Working in any job that requires being part of someone’s big day is understandably very intense but also extremely rewarding, that’s why this three-day course covers all possible aspects of working as a bridal hair and makeup artist.

• Step by step demos of how to create true hair perfection whether it be a loose wave or elaborate up-do.
• 2 very different, yet classic bridal makeup looks that will suit any client.
• We will cover bridal etiquette as the tutors give first hand experience and differentiate between a normal freelance client and your beautiful brides.

We provide all makeup brushes and kit, practice dolls and hair kits for you to use during the course. Upon completion you will feel confident in completing any look requested to make your bride feel amazing.

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Pro Hairstyling

This course has been designed to suit those who are either makeup artists that want to add another service to their business, hair dressers that feel the need to brush up on their styling skills, or simply a complete beginner! Learn all you would need to know in order to become an on trend hair stylist. During this course you will:

• Cover popular hair techniques that include hair pieces and padding.
• Barrel curls.
• Blow dry (Straight & Curly).
• French twists.
• Plaiting techniques.
• How to work successfully with styling tools such as curling tongues, wands and straighteners.
• We will also cover the importance of product knowledge, correct tools and equipment.
• Professional conduct.

This five session course is a great start for anybody wishing to get into the world of hairstyling or for existing Makeup Artist’s to further enhance their job prospects.

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SFX Masterclass

For those interested in working in SFX, Theatre or simply want to add a new skill to your belt on the run up to Halloween.

This intensive day covers all you need to know in order to create eye-catching SFX Makeup. Including;

• Live interactive demos of current and most requested SFX techniques.
• Creating scars.
• Burns.
• Bruises.
• Cuts and abrasions.
• Prosthetics.
• Workings with Faux blood, latex and face paints.

Our classes are kept to a small size to ensure our students are given the best possible learning experience & can benefit from our 1-2-1 learning techniques.

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Salon Training

Are you a Salon Owner and wanting to add Hair/Makeup Artistry to your skill set or simply retrain and update your staff with industry relevant and cutting edge techniques?

At KLMA we believe training is crucial component to success, after all there is no better investment than in yourself and your team.

These training days are exclusive to salons to expand their internal skills.

The advantages of  Training your Team as a Team are:

  • It becomes a Team Building event.
  • Chance for your salon to increase it’s skill set and grow its customer base using the skills enhanced from our training programme.
  • We can focus on the specific needs of your Business and tailor the training programme to best suit your needs and help maximise success.
  • As our tutors are all industry present, It ensures you are kept up to date with current products, tips and tricks.

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Pay as you go - Flexible artistry

Are you a working makeup artist with a jam packed diary, a busy mum juggling life around the school run, or stuck in a 9-5 job that doesn’t allow you 2 weeks off work to complete our full time courses? Then this is the course for you…

Our part time flexi-course will allow you to complete FOUR 1-2-1 sessions, anytime* over the course of 3 months! These classes are tailored to the specific aspects of artistry that YOU want to learn. Open to anyone wanting to learn how to properly apply their own makeup, or already qualified artists wanting to brush up on current techniques or specifically focus on a new skill.

Each class is spread over 4 hours, equalling in 16 hours of uninterrupted learning at a time that best suits you.

*Anytime - any four hours between the hours of 10am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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121 Lessons

AT KLMA it is our mission to teach every woman how to be her own makeup artist.

Our 121 sessions will instil you with makeup confidence, teaching you how to apply your own makeup correctly and enhance your personal features.

The 121 sessions are also available for trained makeup artist’s who would like to update and learn new skills.

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Trans / Drag Workshop

Taught in a closed door environment, our Trans & Drag workshops are perfect for anyone in the complex world of Transgender, CD, Drag, or plain old dress up parties!

You will learn how to transform yourself into a realistic looking female, ultimate glamazon, or queen of all queens. The workshops are totally personal and discreet, tailored to each individuals needs.

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Online video tutorials

Learn how to become an expert in applying makeup with KLMA’s online makeup lessons and courses

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Class room based courses

At KLMA, We have a wide variety of courses to suit different goals and needs. Our professional courses are fully accredited and include an amplitude of practical skill based training teamed with invaluable theory. Our classes are kept small to optimise the abilities of each and every student. We have teachers with specialist experience in niche disciplines such as drag makeup, bridal makeup, special effects (SFX) and much more!

For those that are not looking for accreditation but simply wish to learn how to apply their own makeup in a professional way, we also offer non-professional courses and 121 tutorials with any of our artists.

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