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KLMA is a professional establishment ran by makeup artists to educate aspiring makeup artists in Heaton Moor.

At KLMA we aim to Educate, Empower and Inspire each individual. Our everyday goal is to help you achieve your dreams and be who you want to be.

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Do you live in Heaton Moor and want a career in the makeup industry?

Our objective is to allow people to accomplish their goals by turning their dream into a reality in Heaton Moor

We provide Makeup Courses for every type of makeup artist in Heaton Moor

At KLMA, We have a wide variety of courses to suit different goals and needs.

Our courses in Heaton Moor are both industry recognised and fully certified.

Makeup classes for any skill level for pupils in Heaton Moor

Our classes are kept small to optimise the abilities of each and every student.

Our tutors are fully qualified in every aspect of artistry, education and are still currently working out in the industry.

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Learn your makeup expertise from the professionals at KLMA Makeup Academy in Heaton Moor

This ensures they not only train you proficiently, but also share their extensive industry knowledge.

As well as our professionally accredited courses, we also offer beginner courses and 121 lessons for those who are either just wanting to learn their own glam or simply learn the basics in Heaton Moor

KLMA Makeup Courses in Heaton Moor taught by the industry experts

As a KLMA student you are entitled to receiving The KLMA Pro Makeup Artist Kit which has been designed around our favourite products, tools and brushes to ensure that you have all you need to get startedIncluding an 27 piece brush set, Foundations, eyeshadow, liners, concealer, mascara, blush palette, lip palette, brow palette, contour set, powder, belt and carry case, it contains all you need to get started.We use varieties of over 16 brands because we know how important it is for our students to be exposed to these brands.

KLMA Studio – Makeup Academy for Students in Heaton Moor

KLMA Studio was created to accommodate Kiera and her team’s growing clientele, offering a full range of Professional Hair and Makeup services for any occasion in Heaton Moor.

Makeup Courses in Heaton Moor

Set up in 2014 and constantly growing through our remarkable education syllabus both in a classroom environment or online.KLMA was founded in 2014 by professional and celebrity makeup artiste, Kiera Louise.She has over 10 years of experience working with various publications, and serving as college lecturer.after 10 years working for Mac Cosmetics, BBC, various fashion houses and magazine publications throughout the industry.

We go beyond simply offering makeup courses in Heaton Moor; we provide unlimited aftercare and post-course guidance.

At KLMA we create lasting relationships with all of our graduates as a way of being able to assist you in achieving your goals and preparing you to begin your new career as a Pro Makeup Artist.We guarantee permanent lasting relationships with all of our graduates to help support your new career and get you to the places you want to be as a makeup artist.Who all have access to our exclusive graduates networking groupThis is a platform that allows your to communicate with KLMA Tutors as well as fellow graduates from all courses.The Graduate Group is a space to connect, collaborate and support one another, maintaining the connections and support networks built during your time training with us.

Contact KLMA Makeup Academy if you are hungry to work in the makeup industry and live in Heaton Moor

The KLMA Graduate Group is an area of positive support, collaboration and opportunities for work experience, again both from the KLMA Team and fellow graduates. This impressive step you have made into a new, creative career is shared by everyone involved in this group.

Our professional makeup courses taught by Kiera Louise herself to pupils from Heaton Moor

KLMA is a professional establishment ran by makeup artists to educate aspiring makeup artists. At KLMA we aim to Educate, Empower and Inspire each individual.Our staff pride themselves on being both inspiring and approachable.We aim to assist future artists in pursuing their dreams by turning them into a skilled profession Learn how to become an expert in applying makeup with KLMA’s online makeup lessons and courses.Courses at KLMA are kept to a maximum of 10 students to allow all students to feel they can utilise our tutors and their skills without interruption.All KLMA staff and tutors aim to provide the most relevant skills and tools for you when training, as well as also priding themselves on being a friendly and attentive.Our priority is to give student the latest available tools during their training sessions.

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Syllabus Outline

  • Studio Etiquette
  • Health and Safety/Hygiene
  • Kit and brushes
  • Skin types
  • Working on different skin tones/undertones
  • Eye Shapes
  • Face Shapes
  • Colour Correction
  • Perfect Base
  • Highlight & Contour
  • Brow Mapping& definition
  • Natural Glam
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Cut-Crease Styles
  • Glitter & Pigments
  • Liner Techniques
  • Custom Lashes
  • False lash Application
  • Lip Application & precision
  • Dewy Skin/Strobing
  • Kit Essentials

Become the makeup artist you always dreamed you’d be by contacting us about makeup lessons in Heaton Moor

Our aim is for students to be the best in the business and have a full understanding of what will get you there, which includes – the importance of using your tools properly, how to perfect your skill and the passion behind the work.We will always ensure our students fully understand the effects and benefits of correctly using your tools, how to faultlessly enhance your skill and the importance of being passionate about your work.

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More than 5 stars is needed! I cannot recommend this course enough! Before training i researched lots of different academies thoroughly. After reading the prospectus, reviews and actually having my makeup done by a past student i decided that KLMA Makeup Academy was going to be the best option for me. I started the course with zero experience and quite frankly zero confidence too, and now i honestly can't believe how far i've come. Each week the girls would go out of their way to make sure we were all getting the help and support we need. I normally find it so hard to concentrate and take things in, but Kiera's style of teaching allowed me to master techniques and conquer my challenges. The course exceeded my expectations, believe me when i say you never know how much there is to learn about makeup until you enrol! Thankyou Kiera and all the KLMA Team, the academy has given me confidence in myself and a new exciting career to pursue! xxx
Bella Donna
Bella Donna
10:07 24 Jul 18
I would highly going to KLMA Academy if your looking to become a makeup artist or a hair stylist, there is courses to suit everyone both day and evening. The level of teaching is amazing and and kiera and the team are fantastic teachers!!! I took a pro artist makeup course last year and qualified, going to KLMA Academy was the best decision I have ever made.
Georgina Mchugh
Georgina Mchugh
12:16 24 Feb 18
My partner has recently completed a Masterclass course an unbelievable learning experience.
Stuart Harrison
Stuart Harrison
14:36 24 Jul 18
Always leave very satisfied & feeling beautiful 💋💄Girl’s are lovely & make you feel very relaxed & comfortable. Highly recommend KLMA for both hair & makeup.
Keeley Lynch
Keeley Lynch
13:21 22 Feb 18
Fantastic academy I have gained so many new skills, and the follow up support after the course has finished is amazing I will always be going to KLMA for all of my learning needs the skill set the girls have is just amazing xx
Claire Kay
Claire Kay
11:18 26 Feb 18
I have completed the masterclass and nearing the end of my hairstyling course. All tutors are amazing supportive. They continue to support you after the courses aswell which is brilliant. Would definatly recommend KLMA!!
Becki Healey
Becki Healey
15:02 22 Feb 18
Kiera did my prom makeup YEARS ago and I have been obsessed ever since! In fact she inspired me so much I finally decided to enroll on the 12 week makeup masterclass and I have not looked back! I went from barely even knowing how to hold a foundation brush to owning a full professional makeup artist kit that KLMA give you and knowing exactly how to use it all ☺ I have learnt things I thought I would never understand, imporived my confidence and feel so inspired! Thankyou to all the Kiera and all the KLMA team, ill miss you all so much
Lian Stafford
Lian Stafford
12:52 18 Oct 18
If you are thinking of going somewhere else, don’t even bother! KLMA is the best makeup school out there! I honestly cant recommend them enough. I have done two courses now and will be shortly booking a third to expand my skills even more. The team are amazing and nothing is ever too much trouble. I have been given work experience opportunities with the event team and even got picked to shadow Kiera on a photoshoot with JD sports. This place has been life changing for me – honestly get booking and it will change your life too!
Tracy Roberts
Tracy Roberts
07:12 19 Oct 18
I am forever on youtube so thought I knew quite a lot about makeup artistry, I initially signed up to KLMA purely for the certificate and qualification. Coming into the classroom however was a completely different ball game. I learnt far more than I had ever expected in such a short space of time. The course covered everything. From understanding what the best products are for each skin type, how to correct skin discoloration and really getting to grips with the use of different brushes and tools and mastering lots of tricky techniques. These are what they don’t teach you on the web! The support you receive during and after your training is invaluable, and better than you could ever get online - especially the free masterclasses! I have made life long friends and cannot thank KLMA enough! Would Highly Recommend
Katy Simon
Katy Simon
11:54 20 Oct 18
Absolutley loved training here! The academy is immaculate and staff are always on hand for anything you need. Its worth every penny and honestly all I talk about! I always had a passion for makeup but never really knew where I wanted to go with it. The girls helped encourage me and see my options for the future, giving me advice and helping me to form an action plan. Not only does KLMA offer the best service and training but I left feeling great within my own skin and empowered to follow my dreams.
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson
09:28 22 Oct 18
Educate Empower Inspire, KLMA does all 3 and more! I was recommended KLMA by a friend of mine who had previously trained here a few years back. Her success and progress inspired me to pursue a new venture alongside my existing hairdressing career. Boy I was not disappointed! From the get go, the academy exuded professionalism. The tutors are incredibly talented, breaking everything down step by step, and I was amazed each week at the looks they created. The theory (which I was dreading) was actually taught in a way that I really enjoyed and I now understand things at a core level which helps my artistry to translate on to any client I have. Kiera teaches you to be a versatile artist and how to face challenges head on. I have now been able to double my income by having an extra skillset that is so in demand –and have just secured my first bridal makeup booking! Thankyou for everything! x This course is well worth taking!
Shane Brand
Shane Brand
17:03 06 Nov 18
Im am posting this on my sisters behalf. In the past I have spent thousands on college courses and makeup training but never achieved the results I wanted. I decided to enroll at KLMA after taking a break from having my second daughter. I was a little bit nervous as I expected to be the oldest on the course, but I was pleasantly surprised to join a group of complete different ages and backgrounds. KLMA helped to reinstall my confidence and build a good portfolio. We were provided with agency models to work on and had the experience of shooting with an expert photographer. The support from the tutors was fantastic and I have improved my technique dramatically. My product knowledge is much more extensive and I can honestly say I learnt more in this 8 weeks training than I did in almost 6 years of other education!! Highly recommend! I wish I had done this 10 years ago.
David Plant
David Plant
19:22 07 Nov 18
I had been wanting to do a makeup course for quite a while but had never been able to commit due to work obligations. Having seen Kiera on the BBC and followed the academy for a while I decided it was time to take the plunge. The Flexible artistry course allowed me the freedom to juggle my work schedule and being a full time mum with the desire to learn the skill of makeup art. The sessions were all tailored to exactly what I wanted to learn. The girls included more than 6 techniques per look, happily imparting their wisdom, best practice and product recommends, never tiring of the questions I had asked and always giving me confidence to step outside my comfort zone. I couldn’t have picked a better academy to train with – Thankyou KLMA!
Ally Owens
Ally Owens
19:16 07 Nov 18
I first completed my training with KLMA in 2014 and have now been back with my staff every year since. As a business owner it’s important to ensure your staff have up to date training, and techniques are current/competitive in the industry. Kiera never fails to impress. Each training session has always been catered to our needs as a team and she has always ensured an extra tutor in with us to help ensure we get the best value and experience whilst at the academy. Each session always covers new techniques, current trends and plenty of product knowledge. Its worth the 3 hour drive every time and I will continue to come back for more!
Jamie Hardy
Jamie Hardy
12:35 09 Nov 18
I had done lots of research before I applied the academy and always seek to train at schools where I will learn greatest advantage. KLMA is the best decision I have ever made. I travelled from Bermuda to attend full time makeup course. From my first email the staff made planning my trip easy. Recommending places to stay nearby and communicating well throughout. I had high expectations before the course started and it turned out to be eve better! Amazing tutors who are real working makeup artists. I have imporved so much and cant wait to take these skills back home with me.
James Hogs
James Hogs
21:55 11 Nov 18
I have just finished my training with KLMA and had such an incredible experience. This course is more than you can imagine! We explored everything from brushes, hygiene, skin types, tones, face shapes, to tricky liner and super glam looks. Although some weeks were challenging, I have loved EVERY minute and am now able to master looks I would have avoided in the past. Before starting the course I thought I knew about makeup, but actually I knew very little. Looking back on my work before the course its actually amazing to see how far I’ve come. Thankyou KLMA – I will definitely be back!
Gareth White
Gareth White
21:49 11 Nov 18
KLMA gave me an opportunity to completely change my career. Kiera is a fantastic trainer and explained everything thoroughly. So much practical learning which was invaluable. She is passionate about her training and knowledgeable in every way, no questions are left unanswered. We had two tutors with a small group size which made training really intimate and informative. The continued support, post training has kept confidence and motivation high. You can speak to Kiera, Emily, Marsha and any of the other members who have trained through the academy, for advice 24/7. Its like a little makeup family 🙂 Would highly recommend the course.
Alice Smith
Alice Smith
11:08 20 Nov 18
Highly Recommend this course! A year on now since my training on the full artist education programme and I can finally run a successful business on my own doing what I love which I don’t think I would of been able to do if I had attended another course! Definitely worth every penny xxx
Seren Jackson
Seren Jackson
20:43 21 Nov 18
Trained with KLMA last feb and I’ve never looked back. The girls were full of knowledge and experience, and I know there’s support 24/7 if I ever need it. Would highly recommend them for make up artistry training. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!
Harley Smith
Harley Smith
18:35 01 Dec 18
Just came back from 3 days training on the Intermediate course and I couldn’t be any happier!! Kiera and Lee were so lovely, made me feel welcome instantly and were so precise in their training. I didn’t feel like they were holding back any of their tricks of the trade, they were so open and insightful. Deffs recommend for anyone wanting to improve their artistry or learn new
Kellie Adams
Kellie Adams
17:39 10 Dec 18

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