October 8, 2020

When you are beginning on the journey to becoming a successful lash artist its important to have the correct tools. At KLMA we believe there are a number of essential supplies you must have in your kit in order to be a prosperous lash technician Lash Tweezers Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. You […]

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When you are beginning on the journey to becoming a successful lash artist its important to have the correct tools. At KLMA we believe there are a number of essential supplies you must have in your kit in order to be a prosperous lash technician

Lash Tweezers
Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. You must have two pairs of tweezers to complete a lash service. The first set of tweezers,“isolation tweezers” are strictly for “isolating” each natural lash to ensure a clean application.

This means that no other natural lash or extension, other than the one being applied, will attach to the natural lash you have chosen. Isolation tweezers work to single out your natural lash of choice for a flawless application. They are ergonomically designed to ensure this.

The next set of tweezers that you need are “lashing tweezers”. Yes, this means you will have isolation tweezers in one hand and lashing tweezers in your other hand. You’ use the lash tweezers to pick up and apply the lash extensions. These tweezers can be straight tweezers, which are used for classic lashes, or they can be L-shaped or curved tweezers, which are used for volume lashes.
You will use tweezers on every single client for every single service so its important to love and trust them!

High-Quality Lashes
Eyelash extensions are essential for every service, and something you will also want to invest in. Clients wear them all day every day and will notice if you go the cheap route, and some may not take too kindly to it! Invest in some good quality lashes that will hold their curl while still looking natural.

Eyelash Extension Tape
Tape is used prior to lashing to hold down stubborn bottom lashes. Without tape, lower lashes criss-cross with the upper lashes, which could result in a client’s eye getting glued shut. Medical safe tape that’s gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area is best.

Lash Brushes
These will keep your lashes upright, in order, and separated. Without brushing the lashes, they may fully adhere at a strange angle, or worse… STICK! Lash brushes are good for so many reasons, but their number one purpose is to ensure everything is staying separated.

Primer and Microbrushes
You need primer to apply to every lash, for every client, for every service!

Why? Because primer ensures that all debris and oils are stripped from the lashes prior to application. This will make a huge difference in your client’s retention, particularly because once they walk out the door we don’t know what they do or how they treat their lashes. It is up to them to follow the guidelines for optimal retention. We can’t control every aspect of retention, but one thing we can do is use good primer.

If a client has leftover mascara and oils on their lashes when you apply their lash extensions, the adhesive won’t last. Primer is applied using a microbrush. Using a q-tip or any other method may result in lint particles on your client’s lashes or dripping of product! Primer BURNS if it seeps into your eye so applying using a microbrush helps ensure a smooth and accurate application.

Eyelash Adhesive
Adhesive is probably the most important part of each service. Finding an adhesive that you can trust is vital to your career. Research your options and make sure you have a good adhesive ready for every single service.

There are so many things that you can invest in to enhance each service, as well as your clients experience and even their retention. I am only going to mention a few, but I am going to do so in order of how you should prioritize them:

1. Eyelash Adhesive Remover
You will need remover once you start lashing, but it isn’t needed for every service. You will benefit from having it in cases where you have a client come in with not-so-good lash work. Some clients may even just want their lashes removed for various reasons. This is something you should prepare for.

2. Eye Pads
Eye pads will make the appointment so much more comfortable for your client. And, your client’s comfort is the MOST IMPORTANT! Eye pads will also ensure that all of those little bottom-lashes stay tucked and secure.

3. Lash Tile and Crystal Stone
These have two completely different uses, but they fall into the same category here because they work well together.
A lash tile will help keep you organized by giving you easy access to your lashes and keeping track of what is where. A crystal stone is your solution to “Where do I put my adhesive?” It’ll keep your adhesive fresh for longer and it regulates the temperature.

4. Air blower
Air Blowers speed up the adhesive’s curing process and cut the window of recommended “drying time” from 24-48 hours, down to 4-10 hours! They are pretty cool and definitely an extra you should consider looking into.

We hope this helps! If you are interested in becoming a successful lash artist our Lash Expert course is designed to set you up for a flourishing career

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