How much can makeup artists earn?

Wages vary according to responsibility, experience and sector.Newly-qualified MUA’s in fashion and editorial will earn about £100 a day for assisting on a shoot, but may have to work for nothing when starting out. A senior make-up artist on an advertising shoot can earn £500 plus per day.

Top make-up artists can earn about £3,000 a day designing make-up for fashion shows. Agencies arrange such jobs but charge the artist up to 20% commission.

Film work can pay from £500 to £800 a week. Theatrical work, which can range from face make-up to wig care, pays about the same depending on the job.

Makeup artists focusing on clients can charge from £25 -60 per hour and bridal parties an extra surcharge. MUA’s have the opportunity to hold multiple job posts at the same time if they wish and increase income furthermore.

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