Why Kiera says NO to cheap training!

It’s no secret that in the last few years, the availability of ‘cheap’ beauty training has boomed across the industry – with make-up courses designed to prepare you for a career as a makeup artist from as little as a couple of hundred pounds. But should you consider cheap training?

Here at KLMA we do not offer ‘cheap’ training! We offer quality training, with top quality kit and excellent after support that prepares you for a career as a makeup artist and we cannot offer that for rock bottom prices without compromising on our standards of excellence.

Kiera-Louise has worked in the make-up industry for many years; seen on the BBC, London Fashion Week, many glossy magazines in the UK and internationally and is the first choice for a number of celebs!

Continuing to support students long after they have graduated, with advice in social media, running a business, finding clients and much more, our training is more than just a quick course to the legal bare minimum – our reputation relies on it!

You wouldn’t expect your plumber to have trained in two days before fiddling with your boiler, it’s nowhere near enough time to cover every skillset and the same applies in beauty.

When you train with us, you go to your first paying clients confident that you are ready. And clients know it!

Cheap Training Vs Quality Training

  1. Cheap training is usually undertaken in a couple of sessions – our training consists of many hours tutoring.
  2. Reputation – when you tell clients you trained with KLMA, they know you’ve had good quality training (who wants to risk a MUA turning up on their wedding day, who may have only had six hours of training?!)
  3. Cheap training rarely includes kit, and if it does, it is unbranded Chinese imported (our kits RRP for £500)
  4. After support – quality trainers are with you long after the training is completed
  5. Attention to detail – quality training should cover etiquette, hygiene, brush cleaning… you don’t have time to learn all that in a course that is only a few hours long!


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