Gone are the days of staying in one job for the rest of your life, especially if you are that 1 in every 3rd person in the UK that is unhappy in their job!

Currently the majority of millennials are under the impression that by 30, you should be successful & thriving within your dream career – how wrong they are. The only universal truth about success is that you have to keep working hard until you eventually find your personal version of it and to throw some inspiration your way some of the most impressive women of our time didn’t find career success until later in life…

  • Oprah Winfrey – After working a variety of different jobs from late night radio host to finally her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show became a household name when she was already in her 30s.
  • Anna Wintour – Starting as a fashion journalist in her early 20’s Wintour didn’t land her exclusive editor-in-chief at Vogue title until she was 39 then progressing on to Conde Naste at age 64!
  • Vivienne Westwood – The leading UK fashion designer and trend setter had spent a good chunk of her life managing bands, including The Sex Pistols with her husband, before she began dressing them which evidently led to her being recognised as the fairy godmother of the British fashion industry.
  • Vera Wang – Growing up with an extremely affluent lifestyle it is no surprise that Wang has such an eye for style landing her a job as the youngest editor at Vogue before working alongside Ralph Lauren. It was when she turned 40 that her own upcoming nuptials inspired her to design her own bridal gown which then led to her becoming an independent bridal designer who now dresses A-Listers such as The Clintons, The Kardashians and fellow designer Victoria Beckham.
  • Bobbi Brown – Possibly one of the biggest influencers to aspiring makeup artists out there… While still quite young Brown moved to New York City to chase her dreams of becoming a makeup artist, following a relatively successful few years Brown teamed up with a pharmacist to create ‘Bobbi Brown Essentials’ which was a small range of lipsticks she thought was missing from the industry. Fast forward 5 years and Estee Lauder is buying Bobbi Brown Essentials turning it into Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. This major success didn’t occur until Brown was 38 years old.

If you can only take a one this away from those success stories it should be that your passion may become your new career, no matter your age! For some, becoming a makeup artist is a natural choice, its easy and is made at a relatively young age. For others, the decision may come after other jobs and years of consideration – and that’s ok too!

The beauty of following your gut and pursuing your passion is that it’s never too late. The trick is to Tune into what excites, motivates, and speaks to you, and if makeup is at the forefront, this indeed could be your calling.

So whether you’re 19 with a passion for makeup and feeling a little lost on where to start or 49 with the same said passion but feeling lost on how to restart KLMA have a variety of courses spread over different time scales to suit different overall goals…

Contact us today to find the best course to make your dreams come true!

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